Buy the Final Hours Now for $2.99 USD for PC/MAC:

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I’m using a new service called PulleyApp to deliver the file to you over a secure sever. (The App is about 600 megs). You will first need to pay for the App via PayPal, so that’s why you see a PayPal page after clicking on the link. I might not have a website as fancy as Louie C.K., but I’m hoping this process is a quick and easy delivery mechanism.

One note: The PC/Mac version was built using Adobe Air, so you’ll need to have the Adobe Air Runtime installed on your PC/Mac in order to install the App.

I am selling this App at a very low cost, but if you feel it’s worth more than the price, you can donate to the production of future Final Hours stories here on PayPal.  If I end up making a profit off this App I will put that profit toward future Final Hours stories.

Thank you for your interest in The Final Hours series!  If you run into problems or have questions, you can email me at

Geoff Keighley