The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 Now Available for iPad.

I’m excited to announce that The Final Hours is now available for Apple’s iPad. You can download it on the App store for $2.99.  Click here to download.

If you don’t have an iPad, don’t worry. A PC/Mac, Kindle and Audiobook version will be arriving in the next few days.

Lately there has been much debate and discussion about the ending of Mass Effect 3.  Keep in mind that due to App Store approval timelines and production, the Final Hours story was completed shortly before the game launched — so it doesn’t include public reaction to the game (or the team’s perspective on the petitions and user comments). I’m looking to add another chapter to the story to address this down the road.

Thanks for reading,

Geoff Keighley


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2 Responses to The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 Now Available for iPad.

  1. Cale says:

    Yes! Lots of us would love to hear and Bioware reaction to all the ME3 “feedback”.

  2. Alex Hayes says:

    When commenting on the reaction to the ending it’s important to investigate the particular complaints of the community.

    It’s not about entitled gamers wanting the ending they feel they deserve. It’s about the series receiving the ending IT deserves, one worthy of Mass Effect.

    Personally, I want to know why they decided to invalidate the entire experience of Mass Effect 1. Why did we need to chase Saren to stop him opening the Citadel Relay when the creator and controller of the Reapers was living in the Citadel? It could have activated the Relay at any time, rendering our entire endeavour pointless.

    These are the kind of plot holes and inconsistencies that are causing such an upset with the ending.

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